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Consumers do not purchase "product value". Consumers purchase "the value of their own consumption".


We believe that every customer's product has the value of innovation and technology. Customers have their own brand that reflects their technology and innovation. Also, he has his own “Product-specific images”. Our goal is to create an image of the customer's brand and product, understand its value to consumers, and connect it with sales. It is to remove the technical or psychological barrier between the product and the customer. We are happy to help with your sales and success. In the end, consumers want to have their own “value of consumption”, not “value of product”.


We work in all sales and marketing. You can work in various fields such as finding items, securing sales routes, and positioning efficient products. And it has already been proven with many success stories. We offer a variety of "sales", "marketing", "solutions" and "technical support". And, it enables each customer to share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the problems they face. Together with you, we create the "brand" of our products. We provide you with "4P, Product, Price, Place, Promotion" suitable for your product and brand, and achieve the success of product sales.


The "traditional sales strategy" is no longer effective for customers. “Sales strategy that leads to success” starts with understanding customer needs accurately. Since 2002, we have launched and sold a variety of products in Korea, ranging from products needed by professional broadcasters and high-end customers to products required by the general consumer. Working with a company that has a "effective sales strategy". That is why you should choose us above all else

[ AKS Corporation CEO Donghun LEE ]


One reason customers choose us. It presents a differentiated and viable business strategy different from other companies. To this end, we are ready to share our competence and expertise and the philosophy and spirit of our customers. In addition, based on the philosophy of such customers, we create new values beyond customers' problems.

Donghun LEE > Owner/CEO

Since 2002, he has been working for "B&C Solution Co., Ltd." for 17 years, and has been engaged in technical sales and broadcasting equipment sales. On October 31, 2019, I resigned as "Sales Director / Sales Manager / Internal Audit". On January 1, 2020, he founded "AKS Corporation." In addition, he is the CEO of "Second Impact Corporation", a domestic and foreign shopping-related company, and the CEO of "Da Capo Al Fine Media Group", a domestic and foreign artist activity support company. We have operated more than 100 brands across all of our 17-year-old careers, and typically include "ATV Corporation" and "Shizuka Corporation" in Japan. The ATV Stage of "Seoul Drum Festival 2019" was opened, and the main stage opening stage was held. Graduated from the Bachelor of Japanese Studies at the Korea National University of Broadcasting and Communication, and holds the KIC (ICT Basic Technology). We hold the HRDK (Craftsman Information Processing). In 2014, I was selected as a “4K system expert partner” by Sony Korea. Other major careers include ~ project manager about design and construction of "KBS (Korea Broadcasting Corporation) 4K relay car for PyeongChang Olympics", project manager about design and construction of "KBS headquarters 4K IP system", project leader about design of "KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) rocket tracking system", project manager about design and construction of "NBS (Korea Agricultural Broadcasting) Broadcasting System", project manager about design and construction of "Viewer Media Center Broadcasting System", project manager about design and construction of "NIPA (Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency) Broadcasting System", project leader about design and construction of "DDP (Dongdaemun Digital Plaza) Broadcasting system", project manager about design and construction of “MBC (Culture Broadcasting Corporation) Sangam-dong Radio Station", project manager about design and construction of “Daejeon MBC / Yeosu MBC OBVAN", project manager about design and construction of “tbroad 12 production centers / transmission centers", project manager about design and construction of "Army Academy Broadcasting Education System", project manager about design and construction of "KOCCA (Korea Contents Agency) Broadcasting System", and project manager about design and construction of "IBK Corporate Bank Satellite HD Broadcasting System '' design and construction Yes All. 

YA KIM > Director/Composer

She graduated from Seoul Theological University with a major in church music, composition, and organ. Since then, while continuing various musical activities, the organ worship service has been continued at Incheon Gyesan Church for about 20 years. Currently, she is a technical advisor of AKS Corporation and is in charge of technical advice for the entire MI industry and excavation of overseas sites and items.


We specialize in establishing marketing strategies and designing effective sales systems that drive the successful results of our customers' business. In order to increase the profit by diversifying the sales of the product, creating the brand of the customer and the product, if you want to sell the product on / offline to the consumer, and in various other cases, we can effectively sell and market the customer. As a team, we can serve our customers.

Make Brand Image

We develop brand images of "customer" and "customer's product" that are more efficient for consumers. The brand image developed in this way supports successful business.


We support efficient marketing through the developed brand image. Various promotions such as events, video production, brochures and image production are held.


Supply online / offline sales network to customers. In addition to the intuitive and fluent online shopping mall, we increase sales through linkage with consumer-friendly retailers.

World Trade Corporation

We distribute and sell equipment from various companies around the world, including the United States, China, and Japan. We will achieve customer's business success with various successful launch cases.

Awards Winning

We have been great partners in each industry over the years and have been recognized for their excellence by major institutions and companies. We provide our customers with trust through these examples.


We have specialized in sales and technology sales, broadcasting system consulting, etc. for 20 years in the market of Korean broadcasting equipment, sound equipment, and electronic musical instruments.


We are a reliable partner chosen by many domestic and foreign customers.We have already launched many brands in Korea, and have led to a lot of success. After all, the best partner is a company that shares trust with customers and creates a brand image of customers together. Please join us to be reliable and produce results.

ATV Corporation (JAPAN)

SHIZUKA Corporation (JAPAN)

Cymbal Resonance System Corporation (Norway)

Moridaira Corporation - LERNI Drum Stcik (JAPAN)

Asapura Corporation - aspr Drum Head (JAPAN)

Tokyo Shoukai Corporation - Terawire Calbe (JAPAN/KOREA)

Daitron Corporation (JAPAN/KOREA) 

Line T&F Corporation (KOREA)

Harang Corporation (KOREA)

Shanghai Jiajun Corporation - LEMON DRUM (CHINA)


03995, WEWORK, 147 Yangwha-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, KOREA

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